Our Nairobi Training

Nairobi skyline

We are very excited about our upcoming training in Nairobi, Kenya, (www.deepdemocracyinstitute.co.ke) and have so far had the most encouraging contacts with many Kenyans in the midst of setting up our first workshop there. We chose Nairobi as the town for our 3 year leadership training in East Africa, because it is not only the largest and fastest growing city of East Africa, it is also the hub for many international organizations, and a point of reference for many of the surrounding countries and regions - but even more than all of that, we admit, for it's sheer beauty.We look forward to learning from the Kenyan spirit that we have met in our contacts leading up to this. On a pesonal level, we are thrilled to be in the country of Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Prize winner. We also hope to experience some altitude running. Florence, our Kenyan co-ordinator, was trying to sign us up for the Nairobi Marathon on the Sunday before the workshop starts :-) We would have loved to run with the world's best runners, but a day before the workshop seemed a little too much. Now Florence is suggesting that we run the Lakipia Half Marathon next year, at an altitude of 5,500 feet. It's the world's only race that happens in a game park with helicopters above the runners to chase away the lions, elephants and rhinos.  I don't think we are in good enough shape to do it, also we can imagine running a personal best time to stay near the helicopters. If you want to find out more about our workshop, go to www.ddi-kenya.co.ke .


Sunday, 20. September 2009

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