Open Forum on Climate Change, Portland, June 2nd

Is facing Climate Change as urgent as some suggest - And what if anything needs to be done about it?

This is the title of an Open Forum in Portland on June 2nd, facilitated by the founders of Worldwork and Processwork, Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell. Together with leading climate scientists they initiated this opportunity for a public dialogue in Portland. They write: The polarization of public discussion about climate change, and society's response to it, are due in part to the lack of communication among dissenting parties. Let's bring together people with divergent views on climate change. We will invite a balanced group of people to this discussion, including some who are enthusiastic about the need to respond to climate change and some who doubt the need for response to climate change, whatever the source of their doubt.

Check out the details of the event.

Friday, 20. January 2012

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