Deep Democracy Institute San Francisco

We were so excited last weekend, when DDI SF conducted its first seminar in Ft. Mason Center in San Franciso. It was a stunningly beautiful weekend, in terms of the weather and the people that showed up. Max and Ellen facilitated a two day workshop on how vision, relationships and the spirit behind networks come together in process-oriented leadership. Now we can't wait for our next seminar at the end of May on Worldwork Conflict Coaching. In the fall, DDI will start its Worldwork Diploma. In the USA, this will be again in San Francisco. Look out for more details here.


Friday, 05. February 2010

Re: Deep Democracy Institute San Francisco

thanks so much for sharing! you are lucky to be able to participate and support this great initiative. Peace Corpse and now deep Democracy Institute... I wish your ideas were more widespread and found support in other countries.

Tuesday, 27. April 2010 • Mhunter • green5065@gmail.com

Re: Deep Democracy Institute San Francisco

dear Mhunter,
thanks for your supportive feelings and words, we feel lucky for that and being connected, thanks so much for sharing with us!
all the best to you!!

Wednesday, 28. April 2010 • •

Re: Deep Democracy Institute San Francisco

Dear Democracy Institute,
I have so much faith and respect for you. Yet,
I would like to hear more about the obstacles you meet on the way, the tensions , the resistance in the pre-moments? Those moments, before you enter the actual working. How do you find your work-clients, who chooses who?
Does the stone melt the wat…er?

Monday, 19. July 2010 • Oxy • •

Re: Deep Democracy Institute San Francisco

Friday, 15. October 2010 • •

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