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We are in the middle of incorporating as DDI East Africa. It's been a great journey, led first and foremost by our incredible Florence Champin in Nairobi. Florence is the coordinator, director and spiritus rector of the DDI network, and key organizer of our upcoming workshop in April. The Deep Democracy Institute East Africa - DDI EA - Board consists of the Chair Maryanne Wachira from Nairobi, Moses Ikiugu, a professor who was born in Kenya and lives and works now at the University of South Dakota, and Max Schupbach, Portland, OR, USA. Maryanne will take over from Florence as the director of DDI EA in April, when Florence is moving to Europe.

Sunday, 28. February 2010

Re: DDI East Africa


The Maryknoll Sisters Team on Peacebuilding introduced me to your site.

It is very encouraging to know that there are initiatives, such as yours, that are committed to authentic engagement for social transformation.

I and my colleague/partner, Mary Gertrude Kasiva Mbuchi are interested in getting involved in 'deep democracy work, especially among the youth who embedded in either in informal settlements or rural areas.

We are currently developing a proposal for Forum of Educators for Social Transformation.

Let us hope to hear from you through you newsletter.

Kind regards,

Peter Mbuchi Methu

Saturday, 13. March 2010 • Peter Mbuchi Methu • pema@pema.ackewww.zumake.org

Re: DDI East Africa

thanks for that, dear Peter, we are looking forward to meeting you in Nairobi soon
best wishes
max and ellen

Wednesday, 31. March 2010 • • •

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