Crazy about Kyiv

In our  seminar in January in Kyiv, the participants and us started to develop a vision and strategy to bring the world's attention to Kyiv (or Kiev in the old spelling) as one of the most exciting cities on the planet. We made a competition between 5 groups for who would come up with the most fun, deepest and most impactful message. We want to capture the spirit of Kyiv and give it a voice in the world at large. All five groups won, really, because everyone was better than all the others. We had some prize money on it, US $ 200 per group, but at the end, all the participants decided that the total prize money of US $ 1000 should go to creating an organization that helps to communicate the beauty and brilliance and inspiration of Kyiv to the world at large. That's how Kyiv-Crazy was born. Over the next months, you will see the groups working on their projects, in Kyiv on our website, which we just started, . Please pass this site on to other kyiv lovers.


Wednesday, 01. April 2009

Re: Crazy about Kyiv

Thank you for providing the link & I look forward to checking out the site.

Friday, 17. July 2009 • Bill R. • •

Re: Crazy about Kyiv

thanks for that! we look forward to hear your thoughts!
all the best to you, max and ellen

Saturday, 18. July 2009 • Anonymous •

Re: Crazy about Kyiv

well done with providing all the information, it has been so helpful.. I enjoyed to look at your very beautiful website

Monday, 07. September 2009 • patty • •

Re: Crazy about Kyiv

dear Patty,
thanks so much for taking the time to look at our website and for your uplifting and encouraging feedback, we so appreciate your support!!!
with all the best and many thanks,
the ddi team

Monday, 07. September 2009 • Anonymous •

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