4 Stepping Stones: An International Seminar Series in San Francisco, Nairobi, Amsterdam and Moscow

We are proud to introduce our new four module, year-long seminar series:

Four Stepping Stones, beginning Fall 2011 - Fall 2012, and delivered in many locations on the planet. The seminars are designed to present the full gamut of the basics of process work, cutting edge developments, and personal development tools, customized to fit with your inner and outer experiences. This composition is based on the understanding that all of us can find the beginner, the advanced learner, and the master within ourselves.

In case you are interested in participating in the Four Stepping Stones, which we will first offer in San Francisco, Nairobi, Moscow, Amsterdam and Kyiv (Kiev), please click on this link, and also check out our schedule for dates and locations.

"Learning dreams" show a lot of diversity. Some of you are interested in learning about Process Work and its individual relationship and group facilitation applications in order to expand the tool box that you have acquired, used, and mastered over the years.

Some of you want to learn a particular skill set, and complete it with a certificate or a certificate of excellence. Some of you have discovered in Process Work a path that fits your values, hopes and dreams about facilitation and eldership, and have adopted it as a lifestyle in which personal development, professional development, and supporting the development of organizations, communities and the whole, are one. In this case, you might be interested in a Deep Democracy Diploma.

The Deep Democracy training development team strives to create opportunities and structures in which each person can follow their own unique path, and use it to choose from a variety of learning offers, mixing and matching among our various locations, and learning opportunities within the many groups of the international  WW and PW communities (www.iapop.org)

Wishing you fun adventures and encounters with your deepest self,

The DDI Team

Monday, 22. August 2011

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