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Deep Democracy Institute East Africa


Maryanne Wachira

Maryanne Wachira is the Director of Deep Democracy Institute Kenya.  She is the owner and president of "Edited Expression," a professional editing and writing company in Nairobi. She has directed numerous media projects within the non-profit sector to support individuals and groups in personal growth.  

Maryanne worked as Operations Manager for IEC Strategy Ltd., where she implemented and managed communication programs to assist international development organizations in improving their impact on communities they work within.  She is currently involved in various media projects for social and community development, and has been involved in editing a large variety of books and information manuals, including “How to run a Successful ‘Akiba na Mkopo’ Group” (Legacy Books Press, 2005).



Deep Democracy Institute San Francisco, USA

Bill Say

Bill Say is a Process Work Diplomate and has conducted a private practice of body/mind/relationship therapy since 1989. He holds a master’s degree in psychology and is a former faculty member of JFK and Naropa universities, and the Institute of Core Energetics in New York. Bill is an organizational development consultant who facilitates diversity awareness, conflict resolution, and leadership/team/community development. He has taught awareness-based personal and leadership development, relationship and community development, and Process Work in the U.S., China, Korea, UK, the Middle East, and at Esalen and Naropa institutes, and has consulted to UN refugee programs overseas. He offers subtle connection and communication work with patients in comatose and persistent vegetative states in hospital settings.  Bill is the director of the Deep Democracy Institute in San Francisco.



Deep Democracy Institute Central Asia

Elvira Tanzarella

Elvira Tanzarella is the Central Asian coordinator in our International Exec team. She is a native of Kazakhstan and currently resides in Belgium.  She holds a degree in Psychology from Kazakhian-Russian University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.   She holds various therapeutic certifications from Russia and Europe, and is a member of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and specializes in Body-Orientation psychology and art-therapy. Elvira coordinates and advises DDI on the Central Asian training programs.


Deep Democracy Institute Europe


Dr. Ruth Weyermann

Ruth is a Process Work Diplomat and holds a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from the University of Basel, Switzerland.  She is currently working as a coach and facilitator with individuals, couples, and teams.  Her interests include leadership development, research on efficacy in coaching, and the application of qualitative research in mainstream academic settings.


Deep Democracy Institute Palestine

Rola I. JadAllah

Prof. Dr. Rola I. JadAllah is married with four children and lives in Arrabeh, Palestine. She is a biologist and currently lectures at the Arab-American of University of Jenin, Palestine. Previously, she lectured at Al-Quds University, Jerusalem. Her research focuses on the role of human papilloma virus and chlamydia trachomatics infections in cervical abnormalities in women of the West Bank. Rola is consulting us in the process of establishing medical leadership programs and is the Director of DDI Palestine. Now beside academic work she is Assistant to Vicepresident for planning and development at the Arab American University-Jenin, Director of projects at the Unit-Arab American University in Jenin and Deputy of Arabah municipality Mayor.


Deep Democracy Institute Russia

Dr. Xeniya Kuleshova

Dr. Xeniya Kuleshova is a medical doctor, psychologist, and psychotherapist, specializing in Clinical Psychology. She is a member of the Russian Psychological Society and Vice President of the “Psychology of Health” section of Moscow Psychological Society. Dr. Kuleshova is currently teaching psychology at Moscow State Medical University and is the author of 23 scientific publications. She is a certified  processwork psychotherapist and had been the first President of the Russian Society for Process Oriented Therapy (2006 -2009).  In addition, she is the Director and the founder of the Psychological Centre (LOFT) in Moscow and has participated in numerous international programs of Public Diplomacy since 1986.


Deep Democracy Institute Ukraine

Yuliya Fillipovska

Yuliya Fillipovska is the Operations Director of Deep Democracy Institute Ukraine.  She has been an entrepreneurial communicator and PR specialist for 10 years, a Hub Kyiv learning space organizer and host, and a TEDxKyiv co-creator.  She is a member of the Pioneers of Change and Art of Hosting Global Networks.

Yuliya has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from International Christian University (2002), and a Master's in Journalism from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (2006).  She is passionate about dialogue and communication via all types of media (music, poetry, dance and visual art including), facilitation and leadership, and the maximization of one's potential to bring joy to life and work, integrating and transforming it all into an incredible and beautiful experience.


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