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Deep Democracy Institute International Team


Dr. Max Schupbach and Dr. Ellen Schupbach

Ellen Schupbach Ph.D. ( is a Certified Processwork Diplomate who specializes in the personal development of the leader and facilitator. Ellen wrote her doctoral thesis on the spiritual experience of the facilitator. She has been working internationally with her partner Max, teaching Processwork and has a private practice as a coach and psychologist. Ellen Schupbach Ph.D. is a seminar leader and Executive Director of Deep Democracy Institute.

Max Schupbach, Ph.D. ( is a Certified Processwork Diplomate living in Portland, Oregon and an internationally acclaimed trainer and facilitator. Together with Arny and Amy Mindell, he is part of the original group that founded Process Work. He has Co-founded, developed, and lead many of its training centers in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe and Africa. He is president of maxfxx, a consulting group working worldwide with organizations, including Fortune 100 Corporations, International NGOs, Government Agencies, and religous communities. He has facilitated gatherings of Australian Aboriginal communities and Native North American Tribes and coached multi-ethnic executive teams in South Africa. Among his clients are also Polish, Baltic, and Russian teams pre and post Perestroika, and executive teams composed of Eastern and Western members soon after the reunion of the two Germanies.

Max has facilitated community building with Croatian and Serbian members in refugees camps during the Yugoslavian war, and relationships between prison inmates, correctional personnel, and prison administrators in high security prison settings. He has conducted many public open forums with up to several hundred participants on issues and questions of public concern: a recent open forum focused on Islam, Jewish, and Christian relationships in Germany. Max Schupbach, Ph.D. is President and seminar leader for the Deep Democracy Institute.


Dr. Stanford Siver

Stanford Siver is a coach, facilitator, and Certified Processwork Diplomate. Originally trained in computer science and mathematics he worked on numerical systems development projects until receiving his MBA and then studying process oriented psychology, earning a doctorate in the psychology of conflict exploring the relationship between our inner experience and community, organizational, and global conflict.  Stanford is the Development Director for the Deep Democracy Institute.


Leilani Henry

Leilani Henry, M.A. is coordinating the international media outreach for the Deep Democracy Institute. Leilani is a radio producer and host at KGNU radio in Boulder and CEO of Being & Living® Enterprises. Leilani has 15+ years as a corporate HR consultant, facilitator and coach.  She is a thought leader in workplace creativity and work-life balance, as cited organizations such as FAST Company and the Fetzer Institute.  Her work in the performing and healing arts is aligned with her focus on leadership, community and organizational development. Regis University, in Denver, awarded her a fellowship for her innovations in the field of deliberation and dialogue. Currently, Leilani is working on “We are All Antarctica”, a collaborative model for climate change as the daughter of George W. Gibbs, Jr., the first black person, in the world, to set foot on Antarctica.



Dr. Josef Helbling

Dr. Josef Helbling is a Certified Processwork Diplomate, trainer and psychotherapist in private practice. Josef has been a lead trainer for vocational leaders in Switzerland, has developed and evaluated the vocational leadership training in Switzerland, and has extensive experience in researching attitudes and the dynamics of attitude change of professional groups, an area which he also wrote his doctoral dissertation in. Dr. Josef Helbling is the Director of Program Evaluation for the Deep Democracy Institute.

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