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Ioan Mitrea

Ioan grew up in Romania. He says that he found his first identity in physics. He participated in and won some national and international high school physics competitions. He enrolled in the prestigious Ecole Normale Superieur in Paris, where he studied chaos theory and quantum mechanics. Later he became interested in street theatre, permaculture, and psychology. He is a student of process work. Ioan founded, owns and runs a software and book business with over 50 employees in 3 countries.


Pierre Morin

Pierre holds an MD and a PhD in Health Psychology. He is Certified Processwork Diplomate, trainer and facilitator. He has worked as a Doctor in Senegal for several years and has always been interested in the relationship between individual health and society. He researches approaches that facilitate awareness in health care individually and collectively. Currently he is involved in community and minority health and studies how current trends in creating partnerships between consumer groups and professionals have potential for reducing barriers and for increasing sustainability and positive outcomes.


Nader Shabahangi

Nader is Founder, CEO, and President of Program Development of AgeSong, a group with several senior communities with a mission of creating therapeutic environments. Nader received two doctorates from Stanford University and is a passionate advocate for creating programs with the purpose of caring more comprehensively for the elderly, he is licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as a psychotherapist. In 1992, Nader founded a nonprofit organization that defines its mission as one of helping our elderly live meaningful lives either at home or in residential communities.

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